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The Last Way is: 100 - Dangerous Saliva!

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Well, this is the first of two contests i'll be doing for the W.a.Y's Second Anniversary (27/January/2009)...so...this one is very special because you won't have to draw...or well...is not neccessary....so...don't feel bad if you think you don't have skills on drawing...you still can win something.

And what you have to do?
Just supporting the comic, well, lots of things to show W.A.Y support, like taking photographs of your wall if you have them there, taking a photograph with something related to We're Against You, recording a video of yourself saying why you read/love/like the comic -in case you do, of course- and etc.etc.
The only rule right here is to show support to the comic in any media, saying why you love the comic, you can include little things like
-Your favourite cartoon and why
-What do you think about Tacito
-How did you know the comic...and when....

Well, you can include one or more of this little tips...

The winner...
Will be the most creative or/and the one i like the most.
There will be just ONE winner who will appear in the Anniversary comic with the cartoonished Ways

good luck, then! <3

posted by Denorii on November 23rd, 2008, 6:22 pm   ||   3 comments

New Layout + Contest Ends

Did you notice the new layout?? : D
new banner of awesomeness : )

sooo....i've got lots of new things around here...which are some little changes on W.A.Y

first: updates on Team Tacito, you'll recieve in form of messages (facebook) the new comics in case you are not watching me on deviantart or whatever.


second: W.A.Y will be 2 years old on January, sooo...i'll do a little contest in a few weeks and other one...which is a surprise...so...we're going to have two contests soon.
the only thing i can say by now..is that in one contest you won't need to draw : D *seriously*

third: Because i'm going to start another awesome contest soon i have to finish the current one.
So, the winner for the Halloween Contest who will recieve a free commission for whatever he/she wants....iiss...


if you're the winner please contact me and tell me what do you want...

really...it was really difficult to decide the winner but here it is..it was very original and very well done :)
for me...all the entries won a little place in my heart cause they were really incredible :D

..and if you won the last contest...you still have to tell me what do you want... :c


posted by Denorii on November 8th, 2008, 8:54 pm   ||   1 comments

Gerard The Diva Plushie

Well...weell...this page is now supposed to post everything i can....specially randomness yay!
soo...yesterday i bought 60 cm. of feathers...and guess what..my Gerard plushie has a boa! : D

any comments?? : D

posted by Denorii on October 11th, 2008, 1:51 pm   ||   6 comments

W.A.Y's Halloween Contest

You know i love fanart and halloween, of course.
And i decided to make a contest for everyone who is interested.
And it is very easy to join in, so, prepare your pencils and crayons, because the bases are:

1° Just draw in a comic or a simple drawing how Mikey and Gerard would celebrate Halloween. Every drawing media will be accepted,like crayons, photoshop, mixed media, pencils, pens, markers, sharpies...etc...etc...

2° At the end of the comic or somewhere in the drawing HAS to appear your (nick)name

3° Don't include your own characters and the jokes between you and somebody or the ones which only a few people would understand.

4° I could give you some little ideas, like...
- Halloween Party
- Trick or Threat
- Costumes
- Terror Movies Night

You can use another ones, but if you are in a block, these ones could help you.

5° Don't laugh of Gerard's new hair 8( SERIOUSLY.

6° Have fun! : D

7° And yes, you can include Tacito, which is (c) of my best friend forever Kuri!! :D *thumbsup*

8° I'm gonna choose the winner with the help of some friends in case of extraordinary drawings, and i'm sure you'll do an amazing work as always! : )
The most funny and/or creative wins.

9° When your entry is ready, post it here.

And the incredible price is a free commission of whatever you want. Seriously. Except Frerard/Waycest/Slash/Perv.
I could draw you with MCR, draw an original character you own..etc...etc...

what are you waiting for? : D


posted by Denorii on October 1st, 2008, 8:08 pm   ||   3 comments

W.A.Y 2.0

Hi hi everybody!!!

How is it going??
I'm well...and doing new things this time, i got bored of the first design (the banner was temporal and done in 5 minutes on photoshop) and made a drawing specially for this layout! don't you like it? i love it!! i hope you do! <3

What's new? the design and the new slogan: Rockin all the WAY, i felt "Because they're the 40% of My Chem" sounded like "i don't like Toro, Bryar and Iero", so, this sounds better and nicer, yay!

Nothing else i guess, if you are on facebook you might like to be their fan there!! : D



(both are pages)


posted by Denorii on August 15th, 2008, 10:14 pm   ||   0 comments

Hi Smackjeeves! C:

Hi,i'm Den, the creator/writer/cartoonist/pseudo-artist and mind behind W.A.Y and i just wanted to say hi..i spent a lot of time submitting my 60+ comic strips i have done since January of 2007.

i'm working on more comics,and more sections, i feel more confortable here than in LJ...

I have added a F.A.Q and the Cast in the main page...

Nothing else to say.
If you are new and want to see something or just say hi, just comment and read my comics, i always want to know what the people think about my art.


posted by Denorii on April 27th, 2008, 6:20 pm   ||   6 comments

W.A.Y supports:

They Drew Blood
Mikey Way OnLine.Net!