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W.A.Y (or We're Against You) is a cartoon or fan-comic TRIBUTE to the awesome and incredible brothers : Gerard and Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance. (This means that the rest of band members won't appear here.) Is made by a fan and destined to the fans entertainment and has not OTHER purpose and is not endorsed by the Real MCR and/or Way brothers. ...and these events do not happen in real life. (i don't have a hidden camera to see what happen in their lifes, so,i could say that all the ideas come from my brain....)

Both are cartoonished...this means that they are not exactly the same -obviously-...their behaviours and obsessions have been "exaggerated"....like all the comics ever drawn. It includes mostly RANDOM comics/parodies/whatever about them.

(Is a pure and innocent comic...so, don't expect to find Waycest,Frerard or these kind of things D:...and i wouldn't do them!!!)

Methods of Contacting the Artist
-msn: square.den@hotmail.com (please talk)
-imnotokay.net : Denorii
-AIM: denwtf
-deviantart: denorii


001. I LOVE YOUR ART!! <3 Thanks <3

002. How do you draw W.A.Y? I use photoshop and a graphic tablet (Mouse pen 8x6 of Genius) and my hands...seriously...nothing else.

003. I have downloaded/bought Photoshop 7 and a graphic tablet...what else should i do to draw comics like you? i would reccomend you to take your time and find your own style, just that, i felt the same some years ago and i feel contortable now with my own style C:

Could you teach me how to draw? or Are you doing to do tutorials someday? plz I would like to, but is difficult to teach how to draw..is just like...a skill and to move your hands and the pencil,just that.And i've learned everything by myself...i didn't read any tutorials..is just practise...(and i'm only 16..i haven't gone to the university yet for those who think that i have studied something @@) About tutorials, i hate to say that i'm a high school student and i have a lot to do and i don't have any secrets...just to be myself and to be original.

004. And why do you draw comics about the Way brothers and not the entire MCR? Well...i wanted to innovate this time...to do something different...just that...that doesn't mean that i don't love Ray,Bob and Frank, but to do comics about The Way brothers is something really interesting and inspiring...and new, of course,i always like to be original.

005. Who you are? Ehm...my real name is Carolina but i prefer to be called Den on internet, i'm 18 and as you can see, i'm a huge MCR fan.I live in Coquimbo,Chile (<3) I've always loved to draw comics.And i <3 Frappuccino.

006. If you are chilean, why do you draw comics in english?,i mean,why don't you draw comics in spanish? Just because english is the universal language, almost all the people on internet speak english, so,if i draw comics in spanish would be unfair because there would be lots of people who wouldn't understand my comics. And i have to face the truth, i have tried to translate W.A.Y to spanish but some jokes change and...i'm soo lazy.

007. I have a request for you! Draw me with Gerard/Mikey doing -insert something fangirlish-!! Sorry...i don't draw requests, only to my close friends on internet/real life, i just do commissions for those i don't know CLOSELY.

008. So, if i am your friend, would you draw me something? :D Maybe, if you become a really CLOSE friend, i'll draw you something..but that is not the idea right? D:

009. How do you get THOSE IDEAS for your comics!! i can't do that! I felt the same one day and i sometimes i feel like that too. Is just practise and an adquired skill, to imagine them in random situations and to create a comic. Why don't you try it? :D

< 010. Is Tacito....Mikey Way's mug? Actually, no. Tacito is just Mikey's mug in this comic and in FICTION.It would be funny haha...but is just something from the mind of my best friend Kuri (she created Tacito the mug, it's not mine)

011. You should sell merch of W.A.Y...i would buy it!! I don't want this comic to be something comercial or for money purposes, i sometimes need some money and i sell commissions but i would NEVER sell merch of W.A.Y because it's "almost" MCR merch and no no...and don't forget and the Way Bros are not mine xD

012. But you draw them o_o But they are not mine,imagine a cartoon based on you being sold on t-shirts without your permission.just that

013. i have seen your art on t-shirts on e-bay I hate them. -insert swear words here- but nothing i can do but puting beautiful watermarks.

014. i would like to chat with you ! Of course you can ...but if you add me...talk at least...