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W.A.Y 2.0

Hi hi everybody!!!

How is it going??
I'm well...and doing new things this time, i got bored of the first design (the banner was temporal and done in 5 minutes on photoshop) and made a drawing specially for this layout! don't you like it? i love it!! i hope you do! <3

What's new? the design and the new slogan: Rockin all the WAY, i felt "Because they're the 40% of My Chem" sounded like "i don't like Toro, Bryar and Iero", so, this sounds better and nicer, yay!

Nothing else i guess, if you are on facebook you might like to be their fan there!! : D



(both are pages)


posted by Denorii @ August 15th, 2008, 10:14 pm   0 Comments