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New Layout + Contest Ends

Did you notice the new layout?? : D
new banner of awesomeness : )

sooo....i've got lots of new things around here...which are some little changes on W.A.Y

first: updates on Team Tacito, you'll recieve in form of messages (facebook) the new comics in case you are not watching me on deviantart or whatever.


second: W.A.Y will be 2 years old on January, sooo...i'll do a little contest in a few weeks and other one...which is a surprise...so...we're going to have two contests soon.
the only thing i can say by now..is that in one contest you won't need to draw : D *seriously*

third: Because i'm going to start another awesome contest soon i have to finish the current one.
So, the winner for the Halloween Contest who will recieve a free commission for whatever he/she wants....iiss...


if you're the winner please contact me and tell me what do you want...

really...it was really difficult to decide the winner but here it is..it was very original and very well done :)
for me...all the entries won a little place in my heart cause they were really incredible :D

..and if you won the last contest...you still have to tell me what do you want... :c


posted by Denorii @ November 8th, 2008, 8:54 pm   1 Comments


ipanicdaily, November 9th, 2008, 3:00 pm

I love the new layout ^^


contest where we don't have to draw since I fail at artz? -is intrigued- xD

can't wait for more comics

<3 tabi